How to achieve sustainability in IT 

Sylvia Colacios

IT Sustainability has gained significant traction lately due not only to environmental concerns, but also as a way to boost operational resilience and financial performance. This has also been driven by The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) which came into effect on January 5th, 2023.  The directive will require almost 50,000 EU companies to report their environmental impact starting in the 2024 financial year.  They must also ensure all their suppliers comply within certain parameters of real data, reporting and due diligence to develop a sustainable supply chain.    

It is imperative for companies to invest in sustainable IT to comply with regulations, cut costs and reduce environmental damage. And according to a recent study where 78% of customers say environmental practices influence their decision to buy from a company, investing in sustainability also makes excellent business sense. That’s why sustainability has been identified as a top-three driver of innovation and a primary consideration in IT procurement. In fact, a recent study of 3,250 IT decision-makers showed that 79% indicated at least half of future IT investments would be directed towards achieving their sustainability initiatives.   

There are four key areas that enterprises can invest in to reach their sustainable IT goals; artificial intelligence, green computing, automation, and supply chain. This blog will detail how your business can also benefit from adapting more sustainable technologies. 

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