The biggest IT challenges facing Multi Academy Trusts 

Sylvia Colacios
The biggest IT challenges facing Multi Academy Trusts  HeroImage

Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), a group of academies that have formed an association, are increasingly more common across the UK.  

Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) which refers to a group of learning academies that have formed an association, have become increasingly common in the United Kingdom. This is due in part to the Government’s plan to encourage most schools to join a MAT by 2030 as outlined in the 2022 Schools White Paper, “Opportunity for all: strong schools with great teachers for your child”. 

With this, the government is pushing the education landscape to become more competitive as academy trusts optimize their processes and technology.  

However, as MATs onboard new academies this can bring some IT challenges that stem from the need to merge IT infrastructure, reduce costs, centralize services, migrate data, and manage technical changes across multiple schools within a trust.  

The challenges:  

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